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Assisting in Research and Development

For its inaugural effort, Emissions Safe will assist a research and development program involving the Guidiville Rancheria of Ukiah, a federally-recognized Native American tribe (GR Tribe), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Rutgers’ Department of Systems & Industrial Engineering (Rutgers), and TRIO Renewable Gas Inc. (TRIO), which have joined together to create an economically sustainable waste-to-value solution to wildfire risk mitigation challenges.

Impact of this Program

Reduce risk of wildfires

Reduce GHG emissions


Reduce particulate emissions

Benefits of this Program

Generate rural economic
growth and create jobs

Generate syngas that can be converted into biopower and/or renewable hydrogen

Generate biopower suitable for
local use and/or grid distribution

Generate biochar that can be used as a soil amendment to increase crop productivity, forest health, and reduce water consumption/irrigation

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